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Learn to ensure a foreign language at a language school

Enhance the study period of language school

The most effective way to learn a foreign language in a short period of time is said to be learning at a language school abroad, but where the content is a concern. The so come out naturally and the foreign language but not a precise grammar fluent novice people is, several months although there are individual differences by the people, because six months to a year to learn to speak everyday conversation level There is common. 5 days until the language usually if the course of one week from Monday to Friday in the school, I learn English four hours before and after every day, to the listening method of learning because initially come accustomed gradually without explanation of the teacher know It is also ideal. Thing and do not understand that not only the lessons of the language school, if there is, is one of the English-up of the method is also to listen again to the friends of Neiteibu speaker of the local. Since it lead to progress of the conversation force by correcting the English pronunciation, it is also effective to learn the correct pronunciation from teachers and local friends of the language school. Overseas life, culture since and sports can remember a lot of words and phrases by experience, conversations with the same students fellow opportunity to increase daily language of grammar and including the word diary and blog posts that I learned at school is one way to make the English brain to create. In his spare time, and become familiar by learning from nature by touching the English-language newspaper and English news word of comes out unconsciously is, because it is the same as the principle of mother tongue has been progress, beginner people a little Let's break each.

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